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2020 Audition Information




     Please make a video of you facing the camera and doing the lines for the characters described. Have someone who is off camera read the lines of the other character in the scene. You may use the script to help you read the lines. These are BIG characters, so have fun and be silly with it!  

     Click HERE to download the scenes and song lyrics...


     Please learn the section of the song “Get a Clue” that starts at the beginning. IF YOU ARE NOT COMFORTABLE SINGING BY YOURSELF – grab a parent or sibling and have them sing it with you. No one else will see these videos but Stagestruck staff.

Get a Clue - Vocal Demonstration
Get a Clue - Performance Track



You will start with a “slate.” State your full name and then you can either do the song or the scene first. Do not edit your videos -they should be done in one take, but you can choose your best take to send it. Videos can be portrait or landscape, but please make sure we can hear and see you very easily! Full body is best so we can see how you are using body language to help with the characters. 



When your video is ready, please upload it HERE and label it with your first name and last initial. 


Let us know if you have any questions and remember – this is for placement only! You already have a role just by being part of camp! 

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