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StageStruck (Mason)
Our registration for our Mason camps currently runs through the CHCA UltraCamp webpage.  You do not have to attend CHCA to be a part of the camp, but you will have to create an UltraCamp account to register for the camp... Just follow the link!

Stagestruck 2022


With increasing numbers of vaccinated kids and lower numbers of COVID-19 cases, we feel confident in returning to our pre-COVID schedule.  For those who haven't been with us that long, that simply means that we will hold auditions Sunday, June 5th in the afternoon.  In accordance with our philosophy, all registered campers will have an individual role within the cast, so these auditions are for placement purposes only.


Beginning June 6th, campers will receive a "supply kit" with all of the show information (including cast list, script, and other information they would have received on the first day of camp, as well as a few surprises!). 

Over the course of the first week and part of the second week, campers will receive instruction and direction in singing, acting, dancing, and improvisation while learning their roles for the show, GET A CLUE. This instruction will be provided through real time sessions and video instructions that campers can watch and rehearse on their own time.


We are looking to present a video recording of this year’s show, since we are not able to host a large event in a theater, and provide a link to families who may watch it on their own time. The filming will take place during the second week at an outdoor location within a few miles of the CHCA High School campus.  We are pursuing possibilities for those locations now. Filming will be staggered and in small groups, keeping the CDC and OHIO government guidelines in place. Each camper will have specific call times and shoot schedule depending on their role. We understand that transportation may be an issue that prevents people from registering since there won't be an all day camp, and for that we are very sorry. However, if you want to reach out to us, we'd love to work together to find a creative and safe solution.


We at Stagestruck know and understand how challenging this pandemic is, and our goal is to provide you and your camper the best experience possible. We want to creatively problem solve and work with you and your family’s schedule so that your camper learns and grows in confidence and in his or her love of musical theatre. 


June 8-19:  Camp will be online utilizing Zoom and private YouTube links, as well as some outdoor video shooting locations during the second week (sites TBD, but within a few miles of CHCA High School Campus)

Camp Dates:

June 8 - 19, 2020 (M-F from 9a-3:30p)


An online link will be shared 1 week after the camp has finished

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